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The Sartorialist


What is The Sartorialist?
A fashion blog and a bottomless source of inspiration for amateur designers from all over the world (it gets more than 23,000 hits per day).
What can you find there? Intensive street fashion with fantastic photographs and delightful comments from cities like Rio, N.Y., Moscow, Florence, Milan and Paris.
Who’s behind it? Scott Shuman, N.Y., 39 years old. He used to work in haute couture marketing (Valentino, Gaultier) and is now a journalist and photographer covering catwalks and sending posts to Style.com and his blog.

How did it start?
He began in September 2005 by taking pictures of people he thought were interesting.

Why do you like it?
He is a discerning, meticulous observer. He discovers the different ways of dressing stylishly outside the classic references (magazines, advertising, TV). He scrutinises real-life fashion: the woman running through the theatre aisle, the group chatting as they leave a catwalk, the painter at the exhibition, not just the one showing his works but also the one retouching the paint on the walls…

His goal?
“To capture the perfect look”


Thursday, November 13th, 2008 - category: fashion

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