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New Book from the Proyecto Cartele


The Proyecto Cartele is an archive of photographs taken by anonymous photographers and compiled by a group of former advertising professionals from Argentina. The images are taken from posters, adverts and messages on public thoroughfares found in the most godforsaken or at times the busiest places in the world. The messages are one-of-a-kind, shocking and almost always hilarious. As you page through one of these gems of a book, you also notice a cumulative-comic effect. You begin by smiling, and end up by cackling out loud. Now they’ve published their third volume, so this is the perfect chance to remember that you can have a look at it to brighten up your day. On their website you can see their immense archive (more than 15,000 photographs) which they have managed to compile thanks to hundreds of spontaneous contributions that are added to this project. Plus, you, too, can share your personal discoveries. Surprise yourself by walking through the streets with one eye out for treasures…

Monday, November 3rd, 2008 - category: curiosities

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