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Give me that Finnish feeling


Give me a view of the Northern Lights through the window. Give me an entire winter watching how the snow dances as it falls. Santa Claus, this Christmas I wish that you would lend me your house in Korvatunturi while you’re out there spreading happiness among children. I’ll wait for you with the fireplace stoked, some hot tea and a cotton lounge set printed with leaves a little berry-coloured polka-dots, everything very Nordic.

Finally, in case you’d like to give me the set too, it’s from womensecret.com’s Finland collection, and it looks cute with the matching lingerie, blanket, candles and Christmas tree ornaments… I like everything in the collection, really, you can’t go wrong.

Thank you very much (Kiitos Paljon)

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 - category: news w's

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