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We’re going to try to get you to suggest topics for this blog. Let’s see how we’re going to accomplish this:

Every now and then surely you’ve left the movie theatre with a floating, unreal sensation and for days scenes from the movie replay in your mind. Other times, not very often either, sure you’ve been reading a book, devouring it like it was your first novel, and when you finish it you feel ridiculously empty. It’s also rare, although it does happen, that while walking around a city other than your own you enter a café and without meaning to you get trapped there for hours because of its cosiness, the people or that authentic something that certain places have.

So, the next time something similar happens you in a train, in a shop,on a street, with a landscape or with a catchprase or website… When something gets you excited or inspired, or makes you sigh, tell us about it! We promise that no matter how much we want to, we won’t keep it a secret.

Maybe right at this instant something has occurred to you that you’d like to share with others. Jot it down before you lose it and send it to blog.ws@womensecret.com

Photos are welcome, too.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 - category: w's news

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