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Vintage is in style. Or, what is modern is old. We were looking for something with the flavour of yesteryear for today’s post, and we came upon a website that has launched a fascinating initiative, especially for those of us who are inspired by anything old, by bygone eras and fashions. It is a vast community in which surfers from all over the world share their old photographs, be they family portraits, curious images or suggestive pin-ups. It is a delight to browse through all these photos, most of them in black and white or sepia with the look of old paper, and be spirited back into the past. Seeing the fashions, the gestures, the sets… Guessing about the lives of the subjects in each of the images. Laughing to see the contrasts with the present. There are true gems more than a century old! And that huge jumble that is Internet has become the new photo album for all these anonymous images that would have otherwise fallen into oblivion.


Thursday, November 27th, 2008 - category: curiosities

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