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Let's Love


February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is coming up on your agenda. Have you thought about finding a special way to express how you feel? Let us, at women’secret, give you a few ideas for Valentine’ Day and while about it we’ll fill you in on how the tradition got started. It’s a story that will leave you guessing, but how else could it be? That’s how love is: mysterious and confusing.

On Valentine’s Day red roses symbolise passion, white roses for peace and yellow ones for friendship. Cards, sweets and all kinds of messages and gifts. As for night-time … we have ideas to go with whatever you have in mind, with the help of the Miss Valentine collection, purpose designed for the occasion: pink, black and grey underwear, flirtatious and adventurously sexy, not wanting for a good measure of creativity and playfulness:

Would you like a night of 100% romance? Sheer pyjamas, or nightdress and dressing-gown with passionate flowers and feminine details.
How about surprising your partner with something suggestive? Put on a seductive pink set with black spots, grey mini-checks and embroideries.
Are you planning on some night-time frolics? Get yourself ready with thongs, suspenders and assorted accessories: handcuffs, mask, duster…

More ideas for a night to remember forever: www.womensecret.com/Store.

As for the story of Saint Valentine’s Day, well it’s a sea of confusion. It all began in 1382 with a poem by the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer, dedicated to the anniversary of the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia, which read:

For this was on Saint Valentine’s Day,
when every fowl cometh there to choose his mate.

However, to this day no-one is any the wiser about which Saint he was referring to (there have been several Saint Valentines) nor why February 14th as this has never been a special time for mating of birds. And so it is with love; impossible to understand, impossible to ignore. And seeing how it started with something so trivial and the ease with which it spread around the world, it’s obvious we were in desperate need of a date when everyone who is, or is hoping to be, in love could celebrate together. So, we’re taking it as a good excuse, we love you and Long Live Love!

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