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The Return of the Pink Panther


It moves with grace, its life is a continual adventure, good luck follows it everywhere, it sees life through an ironic eye and leaves its pink mark wherever it goes… We want to be just like the Pink Panther!

That’s just fine because women’secret has Pink Panther surprises for everyone: lingerie, underwear and accessories in pink, cream and chocolate, all of them with the hypnotic touch of the famous cartoon character.

It’s a soft and feminine collection. We think you’re going to fall in love with it. Original and very sexy pyjamas and sets of underwear, with lots of details such as bows, mini-flounces and prints with little stars. And a thousand accessories to choose from; some flirtatious like the slippers or purses, or with a casual air such as the trainers with stars on the bottom or the hard handbags.

Dear Pink Panther, tell us how you do it: you’ve been in fashion from 1963 to the present day. And always giving us treats with your fun way of looking at life. We only want to imagine that we are just like you and that Henry Mancini and his wonderful bellowing band follow us everywhere!

If you want to take a look at the collection, search for Pink Panther Stars at www.womensecret.com/store.

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 - category: news w's

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