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Endorphins and the eight collection


We want to tell you about what inspired us to design Eight (clothing for practising yoga, Pilates or simply relaxing in our modern, comfortable designs): Endorphins. Endorphins are proteins produced by our bodies and which have seemingly magical powers, capable of producing that sensation of wellbeing and enthusiasm for life. It’s as simple as that!

They were discovered during research into the effects of morphine. Because the only receptors our body has are those it produces, researchers realised that there must be internal substances similar to this drug. And so they discovered that endorphins (‘endo-morphines’) are our way of dealing with pain. Without them, even the slightest brush would be painful.

They are the key to pleasure, happiness and even strengthen our immune system. Maybe we should place an order with our bodies for a few more? We’re feeling a bit jaded after such a long winter.

Exactly. When we’re feeling a bit down, it’s because we’re low on endorphins and our defences drop. In other words, it’s bargain time for viruses.

So how can we boost our endorphin-making machine? By exercising, falling in love and carrying out activities that give us that feel good factor. We intend to start with some exercise and activity, and when our endorphins have revved up, then falling in love will be easier than ever,

Feel like seeing the full collection?

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