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La teta asustada (The Scared Breast)


Today we want to recommend a different kind of film: La teta asustada (The Scared Breast). Behind this haunting, mysterious title lies the story of a girl from the slums of Lima who finds herself trapped in a labyrinth of fears and superstitions, “the scared breast syndrome”. With few resources, a deep secret and the burden of terror that accompanies her everywhere, the main character (Fausta) has to move forward by seizing the reins of her life. It is a lovely, moving film, full of sensitive and yet surrealistic experiences, which will spirit you away to a world where other rules and other dreams reign.

Not only is the film a touching story of women surpassing their limitations, La teta asustada (The Scared Breast), written and directed by Claudia Llosa, a young Peruvian woman living in Barcelona, just won the Golden Bear for best film and the critics’ award at the Berlinale. This phenomenal success (the top international recognition in the history of Peruvian film) has filled Llosa’s home country, Peru, and her adoptive city, Barcelona, with pride, and serves as inspiration for all the young filmmakers who want to find their niche in this world. Yesterday Claudia, was welcomed at the Lima airport by more than 300 cheering people.

Trailer for La teta asustada

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 - category: film

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