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For big girls and little girls


A few years ago it was considered fashionable for mums and daughters to dress alike. Mums wanted their little girls to look just like them. A trend that eventually disappeared but is now back in fashion. That’s the thing about trends – they come and go, driving us crazy. And now, all the luxury fashion brands have jumped on the band wagon, and are producing identical styles for big and little girls.

But here at women’secret we’ve always believed that offering mums the chance to share a few looks with their little ones is ‘kinda cute’. Many of our adult collections are reflected in the collections designed for little girls. Put your hand up if you’ve never scratched the parquet flooring with your big sister’s high heels? Who’s never got their mum’s lipstick all over the sofa? After all, imitation is an essential part of growing up. I watch and copy. Watch and copy.

That’s why we have such fun designing the kids lines. We always keep in mind those magical, fun and unique moments we share with our little ones. And it’s easy to make them feel special by giving them a garment that’s identical to one you’re wearing: a pair of pyjamas, a T-shirt, a cute dress, a cosmetics bag…

Check out some of our collections for adults and kids at our online store, including butterfly girl, pink panther, blue or bandana.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009 - category: fashion

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