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3, 2, 1… We’re off on holiday!


One of the best things about the summer holidays is the sheer pleasure of crossing off the days on the calendar until they arrive. An intense countdown that helps us to recharge our batteries, even if it’s only for a couple of hours a day.

A couple of hours that we spend dreaming of the fun we’ll have when we’re on HOLIDAY. Dreaming of the ice-creams we’ll eat, the dips in the sea, jumping over huge waves, the places we’ll discover and the fun and games we’ll have…. Mmmm… sounds good!

Mentally we’ve packed our cases a thousand and one times. Suitcases play a key role in our holidays -as long as they arrive with you; have any of you ever lost a case at an airport? Our perfect summer suitcase – for girls, naturally – would be as big as our wardrobe. But as, sadly, that dream shall never become a reality, we’ve drawn up a list of the 10 absolute musts when packing this summer (essentially the only things we really need):

A two piece bikini (+ plus an extra bikini bottom for mixing and matching)

A pair of flip-flops (they look great with everything, at any time of day)

A panama hat

A pair of aviator sunglasses

A towel-sarong

A lingerie dress

A maxi tote bag

A book with more than 300 pages

Your I-pod

And naturally, your favourite set of underwear (things tend to hotten up in summer and you have to be ready for any eventuality).

We’re closing in August for our holidays. But we’ll be back with exciting new ideas for you. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009 - category: general

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