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A sugary sweet virtual stroll


Have you got a sweet tooth? If you have a weakness for all things sweet, keep reading.

We’ve discovered some ideas that add an interesting twist to homemade products. And we love them all.

Obamitas are fun biscuits made from a recipe that includes a special ingredient: a sense of humour. In the light of all the positive hype surrounding the election of US President Obama, this Spanish firm has come up with some chocolate (naturally!) biscuits featuring the President’s face. For them, giving obamitas as a gift is a way of spreading some joy and doing away with some of our cares. Surely everyone would be delighted to receive a gift like this?

Carlotas are homemade themed biscuits which can be personalised as you wish. As their creator says, they’re made using a truly traditional recipe: 2 kg of European style, 1 kg of imagination and loving care to taste. Whatever takes your fancy, they’ll be able to make a biscuit in that shape. Do you think they’ve ever made underwear-shaped biscuits? No that would be a whole new type of edible underwear, wouldn’t it?

And when it comes to muffins and cupcakes, the I love muffins blog is an absolute must. Here you’ll find fun ideas with a highly colourful naive touch. You can place orders for parties, meetings or simply enjoy the photo gallery featuring the most amazing muffins and cupcakes.

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 - category: curiosities

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