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Autumn 2010 season preview


You know that we have already begun the sale at womensecret.com, don’t you? This draws a line between the before and the after, because it means a time of change for the women’secret office. It’s time to show you what’s new for our autumn collections!

We’ve spent weeks preparing for the new season, and so we want to show a surprise or two. Our first offering of cross-season looks is Bedtime Stories, a sophisticated collection loaded with sensuality, and Chelsea Sunset, a collection with dual garments designed for when you are out on the street or for snuggling at home.

Bedtime Stories: A return to romance, with elegant black leading the colour scheme, contrasted with grey, nude or hints of taupe or spots taking inspiration from the wild. Trendy details, satin and transparent features. The sexiest corsetry sets, with suspender belts and tulle elements. For the evening, sheer nighties, the briefest of pyjamas with transparencies and a black cotton robe. And as a finishing touch: minimal slippers finished with a bow, and matching sponge bags with a fabric covered metal clasp, irresistibly sophisticated.

Chelsea Sunset: A meticulous look of this collection designed both for at home comfort and street style. Everything benefits from a delicate touch, with the softest, up to the minute colours: brown in all its hues, powder greens and off whites. The most exclusive, distinctive garments are included, as is a retro look, incarnated in the hat-box style sponge bag which would be ideal to use as an ornament. Or a tulle and brown cotton matching set which seems as if snatched from a forgotten era.

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