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Which photo should I post on my profile?


First impressions count, and today, that means social networking. Had that occurred to you?

That’s why the photo you choose to post on your profile is really important. Did you know that the first thing many companies do when they receive your CV is to look you up on Facebook?

According to an article posted on ChicaSeo these photos should:

  • Transmit a sense of confidence. This means choosing a photo that shows the face and shoulders, looking straight at the camera and set against a white background.
  • A photo taken by a professional photographer projects more professionalism and the idea that you take care of your professional and personal image. This type of photo also generally creates a greater impact than one of poorer quality.
  • It should also transmit what you are in a credible manner. If sincerity is your strength, then this is what your photo should reflect. This will create a sense of complicity with the person that is looking at it.

An all on All Facebook featured the 30 most typical types of photos posted on profiles and analysed each one. Below are a few examples:

1. I’m a family man
In these photos, the dad poses with his kids, transmitting his commitment to them and his softer side.

2. I love my pet
It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have, they form an important part of our lives and so we opt to include them on our profile photo.

3. My career
People who are focused in their own sphere and for that reason post photos of themselves speaking at an event. Total commitment to their jobs.

4. I’ve got a boyfriend
Something lots of couples do at the start of their relationship is to publish a photo of themselves together – it’s a way of announcing that they’re an item in order to consolidate their relationship.

5. Background sky
These are photos in which you can only see the person and the sky in the background. Although this type of photo transmits a sense of calm, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of context in which people can situate you.

6. On holiday
Who doesn’t enjoy showing their holiday snaps? This is typical of people whose bodies are in the office but their mind is still on their latest trip.

7. My kids
Some proud parents choose to post a photo of their kids on their profile. The problem is that people who are looking for you won’t recognise you.

8. Me as a kid
The idea is to make you go gooey. This is a way of saying who you are but without actually showing the current you.

9. Passport photo
They’ve taken the first photo they could find on their computer. Practical people who don’t like wasting time.

10. No photo
Avoid this. It transmits a ‘don’t care’ attitude and a lack of confidence.

11. Group photo
A sociable person that likes to blend their identity into a group, as it’s unrecognisable for people that don’t know them.

So have you now decided which type of photo to post?

Monday, June 21st, 2010 - category: curiosities

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