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The fifth and last winner from our Valentine's Day Dreams competition


Yes, we are in front of the fifth and last love story that we have selected for you to celebrate this 2011 Valentine’s Day. “Obstacles”, by Alicia Aguilera de Miguel. Because we all know what a true love means, and that along with it, there usually little obstacles that need to be overcome…


Sometimes life surprises you with little obstacles that need to be overcome. At other times it creates walls that are difficult to surmount. In short, life is constantly challenging us. But it knows that alone we will never be able to achieve it, which is why it leaves little bits of help along the way. Today, sat at a bench while the wind struck away at my silence, I realised that I had before me the biggest wall I had ever faced, a wall called routine, but… Thinking of the heart, I came to realise that my solution is him, it is with him that this enormous wall can be smashed to smithereens, it is with him that life no longer raises obstacles and instead smiles at me and presents me with unique moments every time I look you in the eyes. And it is this silence when we are a few centimetres away from each other that fills me with happiness, and drives me crazy when I kiss your face or stroke your skin. When I am beside you I know that walking along the horizon during the loveliest sunset is not beautiful enough to compare to each skip of my heartbeat every time I see you coming toward me and know that you are there again in front of me, the thing that makes me happiest in this world… him.

Alicia Aguilera Miguel

Saturday, February 19th, 2011 - category: w's news

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