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The second winner from our Valentine's Day Dreams competition


The second of the winning love story out of our competition is “One loaf of bread for a kiss”, by Nuria Lucas Calvo. Both, romance and food have always been difficult issues during war time, but, as she narrates to us “love takes no account of age, class or ideology”.

A loaf of bread for a kiss

My grandparents met in 1938, during the Civil War. My grandmother was 15 and the eldest of 5. She went to the bakery every day to buy the bread and it was there that she met my grandfather: the baker. The first few visits were cordial and they barely spoke. But over time they lost their inhibitions: “I don’t suppose you have a spare loaf of bread, there’s lots of us at home,” my grandma said to him. “OK,” he replied, “I’ll give you another loaf if you give me a kiss, Teresa.” But even though my grandmother refused, my grandfather always kept a spare loaf. Until finally my grandmother gave him the first kiss. And that was the start of a secret love affair, which their families would never approve of, because they were divided by their ideology. My grandmother’s family were nationalists, while my grandfather’s were republicans. After the nationalists killed my grandfather’s father, the tensions between both families worsened. However, my grandparents’ love became stronger day by day. The years passed and the war ended. When the situation calmed down, my grandfather proposed to the woman who is still with him after so many years. After marrying they moved to the city and raised their own family; they had 4 children, who in turn gave them 6 grandchildren. I dedicate this story to José, my grandfather, who had been one-legged since the age of 14, but was still able to carry 3 of his children on one bike, pedalling with a single leg. And to Teresa, my grandma. She no longer remembers this story, but this is what her third granddaughter is here for, to remind her and to ensure she never forgets what she experienced. Because love takes no account of age, class or ideology.

Nuria Lucas Calvo

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 - category: w's news

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