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The third winner from our Valentine’s Day Dreams competition


This is the third story we have selected. Eva Domínguez recommends us to dream day and night with its “To be continued…”. And we’re so sure that her new love will continue forever! Both, destiny and fairies will help us in this arduous finding of true love.

To be continued

I have always believed that if you really desire something (whatever that may be), if you dream it, yearn for it, imagine it and look forward to it… it ends up coming true. I was dreaming of him for a long time. I couldn’t imagine his face, but I imagined that he was close, looking for me, and with certain characteristics in his way of being that made him special. I dreamed so much… that one day, not long ago, I saw him coming out of the Tirso de Molina metro entrance. Before this I had spoken with him a little, enough to be won over by his words, his intelligence, his sensibility, his poetry… It all happened in a manner that was completely natural, yet at the same time marvellous and magical: as if I had known him all my life. And there we still are… discovering each other every day, sharing marvellous moments and dreams to be lived. I am very lucky because fate or destiny… made possible a meeting that, even though he may not know it, was predestined :-) To be continued…. for many years… that’s how I feel and that’s how it will be…. Because dreams, if you wish them with all your might… end up coming true.

Eva Domínguez

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 - category: w's news

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