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All the springs in the world


One spring simply isn’t enough for us.

We need to get out and about a thousand times over, feel the sun, update our wardrobe, take that first dip in the sea, relax at a street café, spend time outdoors, during the day and at night… We’ve created a host of collections so you can make the most of all the springtimes you’ve ever imagined and even some you haven’t. Discover our new online catalogue here.

We are wondering what Spring does really mean to you? How would it be your dreamed Spring? Are you ready to start enjoying it from now on no matter what? It may be exactly as you have planned, but it is for sure that we have designed a lot of collections to enjoy whatever one you planned. At the online store you’ll find all the spring collections and the first swimwear collection.

And, surprise! Starting today, listen to the sounds that inspire us on Spotify.

Monday, February 21st, 2011 - category: news w's

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