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Intimate things


Who fancies being a muse for a day? Muses are magical, charming, delightful and inspiring…

Intimate things‘ is by young illustrator Conrad Roset and is currently on show at the Miscelánea Gallery in Barcelona.

In previous works this artist has experimented with women, taking them as his muse and studying their bodies, forms and appeal. For this latest project he has taken this concept a step further and reflected the attitudes of miniature female universes which blossom out in his skilful drawings and clever technique.

Reds that are overflowing with energy, yellows that seep everywhere, blues that speak realms and greens that fade into a tentative figure.

The perception of each individual and moment is something highly personal, which only a very few people are capable of transmitting.

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 - category: art

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