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Sustainable deco (Sarah Cihat)


We love the fun designs that artist Sarah Cihat gives to used and second-hand objects.

Although they may not be very novel or extremely original, her creations are “an exercise in sustainability that reincarnates existing products”, to quote the artist herself. They are recycled objects that she finds in second-hand shops or flea markets, to which she adds a very chic touch by preserving the old elements and adding subtle details to give them a touch of sophistication and new life. The work of Sarah Citah is the focus of much media attention (Vogue, Elle, The New York Times, Surface, Wallpaper, Food & Wine) and she has collaborated with big names in the world of design like Taken.

The most acclaimed collection by this New York artist –Rehabilitated Dishware- consists of old ceramic dishes that she has turned into little works of art. We don’t know if we could dirty them with a steak in green pepper sauce! Maybe they’d look better hanging on the wall of the living room, don’t you think? ;)

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 - category: art

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