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The Selby: intimacy and style


Todd Selby started up his blog a couple of years ago, posting photos of his friends’ homes. The site became so popular that complete strangers started asking to be featured on it.

Simply checking out a few of the posts makes you realise just how popular this unusual and attractive hobby has become. Selby doesn’t photograph spaces; instead his images penetrate right through to their very soul. He skilfully captures the atmosphere, bringing out even the smallest of details, immersing himself fully in each habitat, yet without being overly intrusive. What started off as a space for his hobby has become a mecca for interior design and style, as well as a fabulous source of inspiration.

Before turning his hand to this venture, Todd Selby worked as a translator in Tijuana, a researcher for California’s strawberry industry, a cartographer in Costa Rica, an advisor on political corruption in the Mexican Senate, an art director, exotic flower seller, Japanese clothes designer and even tried his hand at the vermicompost business. He really is living proof of how sometimes it takes a while to find your true vocation. Perhaps his wide and varied experiences provided him with the ability to capture everything that surrounds him.


Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 - category: interior design

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